Elder Son Brewery Company is a new craft brewery in The Heights of Houston, Texas. We craft classic styles of beers, leaning toward the dark-side.

Quality ingredients, passion, and creativity, we are excited about joining the Houston Brewing Community!

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Bru Belly


Brewed with all things hazy and BRU-1, Galaxy, and Citra Hops and dry hopped with BRU-1, Galaxy, and Amarillo Hops. Pineapple from the BRU-1 shines with classic grapefruit and orange citrus notes.
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Grizzly Bolt

American Brown Ale

The Grizz is a bit more roasty than you thought it would or should be… But, who’s gonna tell him that? Chocolate Malt has a larger than usual presence in this Brown Ale with Chinook doing the bulk of the bittering.  Fermented with Kveik Yeast to keep this one on the taps.

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Hoppy Kveik Blonde Ale

Long…..long hoppy whirlpool. Super refreshing beer. Began as an experiment, messing around with the Voss Kveik yeast strain.


Elder Son Brewing is focused on being a supportive and active member of this community.  Offering a venue for various charities and non-profit organizations to promote and share their foundation.  For more information, please contact
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